How One Family Is Using MySense To Help Grandmother Keep Her Independence



How One Family Is Using MySense To Help Grandmother Keep Her Independence

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Alicia’s grandmother, Brenda, is 94 and has dementia. Her family takes turns checking in on her as she lives on her own. Brenda has been able to manage without any live-in caretakers. Her family knows how important her independence is to her and want to keep it that way.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, their usual arrangement was no longer possible. Alicia and her family were worried about how they would continue to check on Brenda without putting her at risk.

MySense provided a convenient solution to a new problem. Typically, Brenda’s family would come by multiple times a day to help with various tasks. However, the pandemic made this more difficult as family members from different households would often overlap. With MySense, they could look at the dashboard and see if someone else was already there, ensuring they weren’t putting Brenda or themselves in any unnecessary risk.

The dashboard also meant that Alicia and her family could skip their 9am visit to ensure she is awake and out of bed. This grants Brenda more freedom with her morning routine without worrying her family. Rather than dropping by unexpectedly while she was making breakfast or getting dressed, they can look at the dashboard and time their visit appropriately.

‘There is such reassurance with MySense as you see your loved one is awake and out of bed. Sometimes you might not want to go round until that person is fully awake so that you can give them a bit more independence,’ says Alicia.

“The other great thing about MySense is she has no idea it’s there, fabulously it all just fits in and is so hard to detect.”

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