Would You Like To Join Our Research Group?



Would You Like To Join Our Research Group?

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MySense is looking to recruit a new group of ‘superusers’ who are willing to trial MySense for a year for free. 

In return, you will form part of our research group who can provide feedback about your experience and help shape the future of MySense to help benefit even more people. 

What is MySense?

MySense helps you improve the wellbeing and levels of care for yourself or a loved one through the analysis of data points related to behaviours in the home such as hydration, nutrition, sleeping, activity and independence. 

MySense’s technology and science analyses thousands of daily data points identifying patterns of what is normal and flags via the app any subtle changes which may need closer attention. This remote monitoring helps provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that everything is ok. And it keeps you ahead of potential problems rather than only reacting to them.

We are currently working with NHS trusts, health organisations and charities who are already seeing the benefits of MySense including a reduction in GP appointments and hospital admissions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Receive the full MySense kit which includes: a smartwatch, x 6 motion and vibration sensors, a sleep sensor, a smart plug and a home hub
  • Receive MySense for free for one year + free monthly subscriptions 
  • Try new features first within the MySense app and share feedback. 
  • Gain more insight into the general wellbeing of a loved one
  • Stay ahead of problems with insight that helps you take action at the right time
  • Receive direct support from our customer support team

You can watch a video explaining more about MySense here and read our FAQs here

What we are asking?

  • Our research team will conduct x 4 interviews throughout the year
  • We will call for a monthly check-in to make sure everything is ok
  • We will ask you to try new features within the app or other new elements related to the MySense experience
  • You must give consent to be photographed or videoed
  • You must give consent for your feedback and images to be used for marketing purposes

If you’re interested and have 10-15 minutes to have a chat so that we can answer any questions you may have, please email Kate at email: kate.barron@mysense.ai

Samirah Baurtally
Senior Marketing Manager

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