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A New MySense Kit At The Carehub, Jersey
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The Care Hub has been working with MySense since March 2020. After hearing MySense Commercial Director Simon Laker speak at an event, Care Hub Director, Dr. Kristie Ross, was interested in seeing how MySense could improve the way care is delivered in Jersey.

The Care Hub acts as a hub for the employment and distribution of formal carers. Through MySense, they are able to deliver care based on actual long-term needs rather than infrequent care worker visits. Remote monitoring helps carers anticipate needs and allocate resources accordingly.

“A good example is a urinary tract infection, which are really common in elderly people,” Dr. Ross explained. “The pattern is that your hygiene, hydration, nutrition and mobility go off in that order, so if we pick up that a person isn’t getting up and dressing, and doing all the normal things, plus they’re not drinking as much but going to the toilet more – because that’s a symptom of a urinary infection – we just pick up the phone.”

“It improves independence and reduces the need for care – it will slash the care bill by at least a third,” said Dr. Ross.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the installation of MySense in various homes in the community has provided a surge in peace of mind and reassurance, fundamentally changing the way care is delivered.

‘Putting these in allows us to target vulnerable people and make sure they stay well. It also means that GPs can go out and see the patients they need to because they will not need to go and check on everyone.

We can also put people who are in hospital back home earlier because we will be able to monitor them from home and this will free up beds in the Hospital. It also supports social isolating and distancing. If a patient is using this then a GP does not need to visit them to take tests. So that prevents either exposure of a patient to a GP who might be a carrier or a GP to a patient who might be a carrier,’ said Dr Ross.

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