MySense Launches To Consumers On Indiegogo



MySense Launches To Consumers On Indiegogo

Available to buy
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MySense is now available to buy directly for the first time on the innovation website Indiegogo.

After years of working with NHS trusts, local government, retirement homes, and charities, we are pleased to make MySense more widely available during this pre retail phase.

Over the coming weeks up to December 16th, MySense will be available to buy at a special pre retail price plus there will be some fantastic perks on offer as well.

At MySense we believe in using data for good; data and insight which will help people stay ahead of problems and have more control over the future of their general wellbeing.

So we’re really pleased that during these difficult times, we can now share MySense with more people helping bring some reassurance and peace of mind to families.

You can find out more and buy on Indiegogo HERE!

If you have any questions, please get in touch at

Selina Gard
Content Creator

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