How MySense Is Helping Care Managers Like Emily



How MySense Is Helping Care Managers Like Emily

Illustration Of A Care Manager At Her Desk
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Emily is 34 years old and works at an assisted living facility as a Care Manager. She is driven and passionate about what she does, care work has always been her calling.

Emily had tea breaks with a different patient every afternoon, it was her favourite part of the day. Her recent promotion has made that a bit harder. She doesn’t have as much time to connect with each person or even take a break herself. Emily is concerned that she will not be able to give her patients what they truly need as she has less time to speak with them directly.

“Before, I could offer more of my time to my patients, now our interactions need to be shorter and shorter.”

“However, MySense is helping me prioritise. In a moment, I can see who needs the most attention which gives me more time to speak with them.”

“I can also offer more personalised care, because if someone says they haven’t eaten in hours but their fridge was full this morning and their sensor shows they’ve opened the fridge door many times, they might be developing dementia. Now, my team and I can form a better care plan.”


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